Det kom ett fint ebrev

Kan Ni förstå vilken glädje det är att arbeta i Sierra Leone när man får ebrev som detta av Prince. Det är långt och om Ni vill så läs bara början och slutet.
What a joy !
A case of 10 years old boy weighing 23kg was referred from Moyamba Junction PHU on account of persistent convulsions following four days history of persistent fever and cough associated with vomiting, loss of appetite, headache abdominal pain. No history of weight loss night sweats.
On examination the child , febrile to touch ( Temp 39.0), conjunctival pale.
Airway patent.
Breathing symmetrical chest wall movement, no scar , RR 30 c/m Spo2 of 84 % in air both lungs clear with Adequate air entering.
Circulation: Warm extremities, CRT <3sec and H/ R of 122b/m
Disability: Actively seizure , With neck stiffness. Pupils equal but sluggishly react to light. With Menigeal irritation. RBS 7.9mmo/l
ABDOMEN soft not distended but spleenomegally 4 to 6cm
Cerebral malaria
? Meningitis
Immediately child was connected to O2 support, Antimalaria was given and Iv antibiotic.
NG Tube passed.
Diazepam was given as per protocol but still the Convulsion can’t stop phenobarbital Iv was given at 15mg/kg but still convulsions continue, 5mg per kg was also given again which later stopped the convulsion.
Abdul our MP expert quickly takes sample and did the HB was 7.5 g/dl. In the next one hour MP result was out, which show 283 Malaria parasites seen.
Everything was done in a perfect way
And I was impressed with the work of the attending nurses
The following day on ward rounds
The NGT was removed.
Guess who remove it?
Of it was the child because he had gained consciousness so it was irritating him.
What a Joy to see the mother and relatives who have been crying and loose hope feeding the child oral with a beautiful smile that you can’t imagine.
The child will be discharge home tomorrow.
All staff were happy hugging each other and saying we are happy because we made it.
Many thanks to BHD Donors for helping us to save lives
Your support are so significant
With that we will continue to save more lives
Thank you very much.